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Top Max Life Insurance Plans for Family in India

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Irrespective of your age and professional background, your family’s happiness and security are something that remains on the top of your priority list all the time. Getting the right life insurance is a great way to safeguard the well-being and comfort of your family along with yourself. With the growth of insurance sector and increasing awareness about life cover among common public, there are a wide variety of insurance plans offered to you by various insurance companies. Which makes it even more difficult to take a fruitful decision. This is when going with a reputed brand can resolve all your questions.

With more and more customized offerings, Max life insurance make sure that you have got the right type of plan to suit your need at any given point in time. Max life insurance understands how necessary it is to keep your family financially secure even when you’re not there. With a successful 97.81% claims paid in financial year 2016-17, Max life is proudly serving in more than 140 cities. Hence, they make sure all the plans are tailored in a way that it can suit all your changing needs.

Let us explore some of the best Max life insurance plans to understand what benefits you the most and how.

Max life insurance plans

Term Plans

Health Plans

Child Plans

Retirement Plans

ULIP plans

Savings and Income Plans

Group Plans

NRI Plans

Let us know about the benefits of each plan in detail.

  1. Term Insurance Plans- If you are looking for a life cover that not only keeps your family safe from financial crisis, but also offer a simple proceeding and peace of mind in your absence, term plans are the best options. It is the simplest form of insurance that gives the beneficiary(nominee) a lump sum amount as a death benefit out of the premium you pay for a fixed term.

Benefits of a term plan:

# It covers all the financial requirements of your family at affordable prices.

# It is highly flexible, so you can choose a sum assured according to your needs.

# It also helps you cover all your liabilities with a low premium payout.

# Although there is a lump sum disbursal of the amount, you can opt for a regular monthly income as well.

# There’s no fixed age to get term plans, and you can get multiple of them simultaneously.

# In case of death due to an accident, serious illness, term plans protect you.

# Helps in saving taxes by the premiums paid and the payout received.

Range of term insurance plans by Max

#1 Max Life Super Term Plan

#2 Max Life Online Term Plan Plus

#3 Max Life Premium Return Protection Plan

  1. Health Plans– Illness doesn’t come with a sign but knocks your doors suddenly. You should be prepared for it financially. Health plans safeguard your financial needs during a medical crisis.


# Health Plans cover you and your family when there is a financial crisis if you fall critically ill. With Max life cancer insurance plan, one is also covered fully at the last stage of cancer.

  1. Child Plan- It is an investment cum insurance plan for a fixed term. It covers your child’s future even in your absence.


# They provide lumpsum amount on death and also upon maturity which you can use for the child’s future education and marriage requirements. Because the child plan works as a collateral for an education loan.

# Partial withdrawal is also allowed in case of a sudden illness of the child.

# Premium paid towards the value is exempted from tax under section 80C. Upon maturity, it is exempted from tax under section 10 (10 D).

Range of child plans by Max

#1 Max Life Future Genius Education Plan

#2 Max Life Shiksha Plus Super Plan

  1. Retirement Plans– Pension of retirement plan is an insurance cum investment plan that you can save for your future.


# With the pension plan, you can have financially independent days of retirement

# The payout is done on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly and lump sum basis.

# The nominee gets the amount in case of the death of the person insured.

Range of retirement plans by Max

#1 Max life forever young pension plan

#2 Max life guaranteed lifetime income plan

#3 Max life perfect partner super

  1. ULIPs- or Unit Linked Insurance Plans are a great way to safeguard yourself along with becoming rich because they are an investment cum insurance plan.


# At Max Life Insurance, an investment on ULIPs can be attractive because it gives you the best in the class fund to make your money grow.

# Flexibility in the fund is also there so that you can manage your money easily.

# It’s a great way to save tax on your benefits from the returns.

# The best thing is that it provides life cover to your family.

Range of ULIP plans by Max

#1 Max life fast track super plan

#2 Max life platinum wealth plan

#3 Max life maxis super plan

  1. Savings and Income Plans- Someone who is very disciplined about saving money, must opt for a Savings plan. This is because it ensures a systematic return to the person insured or to the beneficiary’s family in a monthly or lump sum amount.


# At Max life insurance, you get competitive and wide variety of plans to select from.

# Flexibility to withdraw money in case there is an emergency in the family.

# Provides you a monthly or a lump sum return.

Range of savings and income plans by Max

#1 Max life assured wealth plan

#2 Max life guaranteed income plan

#3 Max life whole life super

#4 Max life monthly income advantage plan

#5 Max life gain premier

#6 Max life POS guaranteed benefit plan

  1. Group Life insurance- It helps an organization to safeguard its employees with a financial security.


# Max life insurance helps you with its tailored plans with premiums fitting everyone’s need.

# Employees get a better benefit along with financial security.

# It’s a great way for industries to retain their employees.

Range of group plans by Max

#1 Max life group credit life premier

#2 Max life group gratuity premier plan

#3 Max life group super life premier in lieu of EDLI

#4 Max life group super life premier

#5 Max life group credit life secure

#6 Max life Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojna

  1. NRI Plan- All the plans at Max Life Insurance can be availed by someone who is based out of India but residing internationally. You just have to follow certain terms for a smooth procedure.For example, you will have to have a valid passport, Non-Resident (External) Rupee Account (NRE Account) and/ or Non-Resident Ordinary Account (NRO Account)

It’s very important for you to secure your family’s future and let them live in comfort even when you are not there. Also, other than replacing the regular income that get ceased after your demise, life insurance can provide peace of mind for lifetime. And you can easily achieve the same, by opting for Max Life plans for your family.

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