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Top 2 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing

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Marketing has long been of great importance for introducing new ideas or products to the consumer market, but digital marketing has evolved into an integral part of business success and competitiveness. If your company doesn’t have a strategy in place making full use of digital opportunities, you are already lagging behind. Industry experts, like Eyal Gutentag, have capitalized on the need for a digital emphasis, transforming their companies and the industry as a whole. There are two key benefits that accompany digital marketing plans.

1. Increased Attention

On average, 97% of U.S. adults under the age of 65 spend time on social media at least once a month, but yet there is an average of 7 social media accounts associated with each Internet user. These Internet users are the consumers of today, and social media has become the preferred method of communication, product research, and customer care. Social media users are quick to mention specific brands, post photos of purchases, and check-in to retailers or entertainment venues. Digital attention is coming your way whether you are ready or not, but by being ready, you can capitalize on the incidental referrals and casual mentions.

2. Equality in Business Competition

Small businesses don’t have the same presence and pull with consumers like big-box retailers or nation-wide chain stores. Owners struggle to get their name out in the community and recognized for their brand or their products. With digital marketing, any sized business is able to get its name out to a vast audience without a significant financial investment. You are also able to expand your business opportunity beyond the limits of your physical building. Regardless of your company’s size, the type of products, or your employee’s expertise in marketing, you can get your brand out to the people.

These two reasons are compelling arguments for taking your marketing strategy in a digital direction. Increased attention and exposure translates into business longevity and financial success.

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