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How To Hire the Perfect Employee

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Your business is like your baby. You wouldn’t trust just anybody with your baby, so why would you trust just anybody with your business? You need to be able to hire people you can rely on that will positively contribute to your organization. Here are some tips for hiring the perfect employee.

Do a Background Check

Using a background check company to find out an applicant’s history is the easiest way to make sure their application is truthful. You can check for criminal histories, verify education, verify work history and more. The last thing you want is to hire someone that is dishonest or isn’t as qualified as they say they are.

Do Multiple Interviews

Conducting multiple rounds of interviews can let you see how an applicant responds to different situations and people. It can also help screen candidates and remove those who aren’t a good fit in earlier rounds that take up much time, such as a phone or video interview. Another benefit of multiple interviews is that you get the opinions of several interviewers, giving you more of a complete picture of how the interviewee would fit in your company.

Avoid Common Questions

Questions like, “What’s your greatest weakness?” may be popular for a reason, but they’re now so popular that applicants prepare answers in advance. If you want to really get a sense of who they are, try asking questions that are more unique. Since they won’t be expecting them, they’ll give less rehearsed, more honest answers. Just keep in mind that interviews are very nerve-racking, and be understanding if it takes them a second to come up with an answer.

Include Skills Tests

Including relevant skill tests during the application or interview process is a good way to make sure applicants are qualified for the job before you invest too much time in interviewing or training them. Many websites even offer free skills tests, such as accounting, project management and typing, that can be taken when a job application is submitted.

Invite People to Apply

Use online resources to seek out people that have all of the qualifications you are looking for, and invite them to apply. This gives you more control over who applies and may save you the trouble of sifting through hundreds of applications that don’t fit your needs.

Doing background checks, conducting multiple interviews, avoiding common questions, utilizing skills tests and inviting people to apply are some of the best ways to make sure you hire top-notch employees. If approach the interview process with purpose and carefully consider your decisions, you are far more likely to find a good fit for your open role.

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