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Do Accountants Need to be Good Communicators?

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Many people think that accountants don’t have to be good communicators because they spend most of their time in front of their desks dealing with figures and financial statements. However, the work of an accountant does not end there. After balancing ledgers, they need to explain them, in writing or verbally. Contrary to common misconception, the work of accountants also involves a great deal of interaction and communication. In fact, these professionals have to practise clear and concise communication.

Written Skills

Accountants compose written or printed communications such as reports, letters or perhaps just simple instructions. Writing skills are important, so many employers want their accountants to be good at preparing documents crucial to the business.

Verbal Skills

Whether independent or company hired, accountants deal with clients and key persons in the business. They are expected to communicate effectively during meetings, business networking or simple office interactions. Employers also gauge an applicant for an accountancy position through the way they speak. Candidates must answer questions clearly. There might be times when accountants must communicate their best about changes or information that is crucial to the business. Lack of skills can result in a bad impression or worse, wrong business decisions.

Interpersonal Skills

The relationship that accountants and employers or business owners have is not just professional. It has to have a human aspect. Some employers choose accountants they are comfortable working with, apart from their accounting skills. They can be dealing with personal finances that some clients are sensitive about. Accountants who can relate to people of various backgrounds while maintaining professionalism are definitely ahead of the competition. They are the ones whom employers want to keep.

Improving Communication Skills

Accountants who think they lack effective communication skills can follow some tips from experts themselves. One is by studying the way effective communicators speak. Think of someone who is really good in speaking and listen to how they speak and the type of language they use.

Another important thing is listening, which is half of communication skills. It is important to know when to be quiet and listen attentively, before replying with the appropriate response. Reading can also be helpful. It can teach how others write or present information. Good materials include blogs, newspapers or magazines.

The work of an accountant entails precision and accuracy. There should be no room for errors or ambiguity. This also applies to the way they communicate. Every industry runs on the strength of sound finance, making the work of accountants crucial. To be effective in their profession, accountants need to have good communication skills. This can open many doors and opportunities for them. Central London accountants who communicate well can be an asset to your business.

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