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Bridge Any Unexpected Gap By Availing $500 Loans From Captaincash

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Are you stuck in a position that you have to bridge a gap of $500 and cannot wait until the payday? Then there are options and one such ideal option is to get $500 loans from CaptainCash.

Unexpected expenses and emergencies pop up when you are not prepared or are not financially fit. This happens with anyone and even a most calculative person gets stuck with a need for funds all of a sudden. If you have to borrow a small amount aiming to overcome the situation standing tall right in front of you demanding money, you have to contact places that are ready to give you fast cash. The name is CaptainCash. They can help you get a short term loan and you need not worry until the next payday.

Short term loans are the smaller amounts of money that are offered by other lenders and not the traditional banks. The advantage of such short term loans is that it can be disbursed quickly and they come as a great relief at needy hour. This can be used when your pay day is far away and you are in need of urgent money that cannot be postponed.

The eligibility criteria varies between lenders, but the normal criteria expected is that the applicant for a loan should have regular income and must be a Canadian to avail loan from CaptainCash. The applicant must also show regular income for the past 3 months or a banking history for 90 days as operating active account.  Definitely this loan applicant should have crossed 18 years.

CaptainCash is ready to offer loan to applicants applying online through computer or phone. They also readily answer all the queries. Apart from the applicant’s bank history, minimum age and working information, there will be a need to give your other details to acquire $500 loans such as:

  • Income and employment information such that if you are employed give the employer information and the income you earn.
  • Personal details such that it has your contact information, name and official documents verifying your identity and this can be anything offered by your state such as the passport, state ID or drivers license.
  • Welfare payments, if any, you can give the information on how often you receive and how much is the amount.
  • Banking and finances, such as they will ask for your banking history for 90 days.
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